Chapter 137 : Taoran House (2)

Yuxi saw that Maidong only knelt down and didn't say a word. She also didn't force her to speak, so she just lowered her head and continued to read her book.

When Maidong noticed that Yuxi didn't say anything, she bowed her head and kneeled much lower that her legs went numb but she didn't dare to groan.

After a while, Yuxi put down her book and said to the pale looking Maidong, "If you have nothing to say, then withdraw!" It was better for a servant girl to be a bit smart, but Maidong was too inarticulate which gave Yuxi a headache.

Maidong's voice was a little shaky as she said, "Miss, I didn't respond to my mother's requests." There were three men and three women in Maidong's family. She happened to be in the middle, so she wasn't doted by her father and wasn't loved by her mother. When she entered Rose Courtyard, Yuxi was in an unfavourable condition inside the Duke of the State Residence. Later, when Yuxi's condition raised up, Maidong was then promoted to Yuxi's personal maid, and her family started to view her in a new, more favourable light¹Chinese idiom : regard (or look up to) sb. with special respect. However, the prices of being viewed in a more favourable light¹Chinese idiom : regard (or look up to) sb. with special respect was, she had to send home her monthly money and rewards every month.

Yuxi nodded her head, still not hopeless yet. Maidong had been exploited and squeezed by her family which Yuxi had known for a long time. Even if Yuxi reminded her so many times, it was still useless. However, she didn't expect that Maidong's family's appetite had gotten much bigger.

As she had learned her lesson from her last life, Yuxi was not only generous to the maids around her, but she also cared for them and would help them to the extent that she could. For example, she had previously found a work as junior steward of the inner courtyard for Kufu's second sister-in-law and an errand duty for Maidong's second brother.

Yuxi asked herself had she did well, but today Maidong's words were the ones that made her realize that she was overly lenient to those around her, which made them all ride on her head.

When Maidong saw that Yuxi was becoming silent again, she was a little scared and called out, "Miss…" she was able to have a good life now thanks to Miss' blessing. If she was kicked out by Miss, her parents would definitely treat her with cold-shoulder again, and she wouldn't have a good life when she went back.

Yuxi faced Maidong and said, "Tell your mother that if she doesn't know what her duty is, I'll let her know." This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

Once you were crowned with such a title of an unscrupulous person, you would never be able to live your life. Maidong was scared silly, as she immediately knelt on the ground and cried, "I'm begging Miss for forgiveness. All mistakes are this handmaiden's fault."

Yuxi's expression became even more indifferent, "Maidong, you have served me for seven years, and you know my temper. As long as you work hard and keep to your duty, I won't treat you badly. If not, I can't keep you around me anymore."

Under this circumstance, Maidong did not even dare to plead.

Yuxi did not want to say more. There were many people who got carried away, not only Maidong's parents. "Withdraw! I'm going to read my book." Just now, when she was reading her book, that was all an act. How could she really read it. Maidong's behaviour let Yuxi use it to coerce the maid's thought. But when she recalled all the years where Maidong had worked hard even if she had not performed meritorious deeds, even if Yuxi let her out, she still had to settle the great event²usu. referring to marriage in Maidong's life.

It wasn't that Yuxi had any deep feelings for Maidong, but if she was being too ruthless, it would make the other maids feel chilled, and then they would prone to be disloyal.

Maidong staggered and went out.

Soon after, Kufu walked in and saw Yuxi read a medical book so intently that she didn't even know how to open her mouth to talk about Maidong.

Without turning her head, Yuxi said, "Say what you have to say, I'll listen."

Kufu was a bit embarrassed, but thinking about the crying Maidong, she still spoke up, "Miss, Maidong is also quite embarrassed, and she did not agree to her mother's request, so please don't blame her." Maidong and Kufu get along so well with each other like real sisters. When Kufu looked at Maidong, she felt that it would be against her conscience not to help Maidong. Therefore, she had this huge courage to plead for Maidong.

Yuxi closed the book, placed it on her lap, and asked, "What do you think I should do? Comfort her? Enlighten her?" This noob translation was translated by a noob translator きつね. Please read this chapter at

Kufu was suddenly baffled by the questions.

Yuxi put down the book in her hands and lifted the blanket to get up. She then went to the table and poured herself a glass of water. After she drank half of it, she put it down. When she saw that Kufu hadn't spoken yet, she asked, "Why didn't you open your mouth now?"

Kufu blushed and said embarrassingly, "Miss, that's not what handmaiden meant. Handmaiden just think…"

Yuxi chuckled, "If Maidong had the decency to remember her identity, she should have solved these problems by herself, instead of telling me, wanting me to help her solve them. If you really have the heart, you should persuade Maidong to be tough, instead of coming to plead for her. Do I indulge you too much on ordinary days, that you people don't know who you are?" Not to mention that she hadn't punished Maidong. Even if she did, it was not up to the subordinates to plead for her.

Kufu was dumbfounded. How did this flame have turned to burn her instead?

Yuxi's face looked calm, "Withdraw! Your affection is important, but don't forget your identity. After this kind of thing, think clearly before you come to plead for someone."

Kufu's heart thumped hard, regretting that she had rashly come in to plead. Now she didn't dare to say anything more and softly said, "Miss, this handmaiden won't dare again."

Yuxi nodded and said, "Go call Zisu in."

Zisu came in and saw Yuxi with her eyes closed while leaning against the head of the bed. She couldn't figure out what Yuxi's attitude was right now. But because of Maidong's matter beforehand, her mood must have been bad.

As time passed, Yuxi, who was leaning on the bed, seemed to be asleep. But Zisu didn't think that Yuxi was asleep, on the contrary, she was getting more and more uneasy. Ever since she had arrived at the Duke of the State Residence, her Miss had always been good to her and had treated her like a sister. Yet today, she was unable to grasp what her Miss meant.

It was unknown how long time had passed, when Yuxi finally asked, "Do you know what you did wrong?"

Zisu nodded and said, "I know, I shouldn't have taken the liberty of setting up the chess and painting rooms without asking Miss' opinion." Being a servant and making decisions without permission was a very overstepping thing for a maid to do.

Only then did Yuxi open her eyes and looked at Zisu, "Not quite foolish yet." After a pause, she said, "Actually, setting up the chess room and the painting room is just a small matter. Your fault is that your mind is unbalanced."

Zisu looked puzzled.

As Yuxi looked at such Zisu, she suddenly remembered what Momo³wet nurse Quan said. She said that managing one's subordinate was one of those profound knowledge. Now, she finally had a deep understanding, "You always like to compare me with San Jiesan=third, jie=elder sister, short form for Jiejie. You think I should have things that my San Jiesan=third, jie=elder sister, short form for Jiejie have, right?"

Zisu was silent for a moment, before she finally nodded slowly, "Miss is no worse than the Third Miss, so why should Third Miss pressure Miss in all of things? Miss, this handmaiden won't accept this."

A smile appeared on Yuxi's face, "What are you not accepting? Do I have an exceptional look like Yuchen? Do I have her retentive memory ability? Or do I have a strong maternal grandparents' home ?"

Zisu was baffled.

Yuxi couldn't help but sigh and said, "San Jiesan=third, jie=elder sister, short form for Jiejie and I are different. She has her own path to follow and I have mine to follow, so there's no need for you to compare me with her."

Zisu smiled bitterly and said, "Miss, it is impossible for me to see you being so indifferent." Her Miss had made great efforts to move forwards, but in the eyes of the Old Lady and the Third Lord, just like before, there were only Third Miss, and yet her Miss was continuously treated like a dispensable existence.

Yuxi knew what Zisu was thinking. She was silent for a long time before she spoke to Zisu, "You do know that I had smallpox before, right?"

Zisu nodded briefly, "I know." Mama (Fang) had told her everything about Yuxi when she was a child, therefore, Zisu had always felt distressed for Yuxi. She especially loathed the Old Lady and Third Lord's partiality.

Yuxi said with an unchanged expression, "Since that day, in my heart, my Grandmother is just my Grandmother, and my Father is just my Father." After that, she deliberately paused, looked at Zisu and continued, "Do you understand what I mean?" The meaning of this word was that her Grandmother and Father only occupy her great sense of honour but she didn't have any affection towards them. This was the first time she had spoken out her own real thoughts.

After a long time, Zisu finally nodded, "I know what Miss means now."

Yuxi said, "Zisu, in fact, you don't have to be unfair at all. The better Grandmother and Father treat San Jiesan=third, jie=elder sister, short form for Jiejie, the more she has to give back to the family in the future. Therefore, don't do these unnecessary competitions in the future. " How much one had been given, that was how much one would have to pay in the future. As for her, she never wanted to repay her family or anything.

Zisu looked at Yuxi and asked, "What does Miss mean by that? What do the Old Lady and the Third Lord want the Third Miss to do?"

Yuxi didn't explain this to Zisu. This kind of thing couldn't be explained. "You'll find out in the future."

Zisu realised only then that she was actually very distant with her Miss.

Yuxi said, "Think about it! Let Zijin keep watch tonight." Zisu was smart. But, for her to be smart only on thing like appearance wasn't a good thing.

The reason why she would tell Zisu so much was because Yuxi saw Zisu as her right-hand man. As for Maidong, it was only because she had done her work cautiously and conscientiously that she was tolerated. However, after this incident, Yuxi felt that her courtyard really couldn't afford to be without a managing mama.

The 'decoration' mama, Mama Shen, had been dismissed by Qiu Shi before she could even move to Taoran House. Now, there was no mama in charge of Taoran House.

Yuxi was a man of action, and she told Qiu Shi about it the next day. There wasn't a managing mama controlling these maids, that they now had so many thoughts.

Qiu Shi was not a stupid person, so how could she not see that Mama Shen had acted as a decoration only. It also wasn't that easy to find a qualified managing mother right now. "I'll give you an answer in a couple of days!"

Turning her head, Qiu Shi said to Mama Li, "An average person can't calm down some of those Rose Courtyard maids." Especially Zisu. That maid was capable, but her temper wasn't small, and her nature wasn't docile either. Without enough skills, one couldn't keep her under control.

Qiu Shi also had a headache. "Let's put this off for now, there's no rush anyway. Let's deal with Yuxi's move first." The day for Yuxi's move had been set. The day of the move had been chosen to be on the eighth day of the fifth lunar month, a very auspicious day, which was Qiu Shi's amazing choice.

The eighth day of the fifth lunar month was indeed a beautiful day. The sun shone brightly. The poplars were red and the willows were green, while the sweet-sounding song of birds and insects could be heard everywhere, while an intoxicating aroma was floating in the air.

Yuxi entered Taoran House with a group of people, which gave of a different feeling from her last visit here. Now, Taoran House had more characters.

The bedroom and study had already been set up, thus there was no need for Yuxi to bother with anything. Rather, only her maidservants acted like raging flames rocket into the skyChinese idiom : bustling with activity.

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