Chapter 185 : Wicked Trick (4)

The charcoal in the study was always burning and would not go out just because Yuxi was not there. So, as soon as Yuxi walked into the study, a burst of heat came over her.

Yuxi removed the silvery coloured long pelt outercoat she was wearing to a side chair and sat down on a stool behind the desk.

When Zisu saw Caidie coming in, she smiled towards her and went out.

After waiting for Zisu to leave, Caidie walked over and closed the door behind her. She then turned around and walked over to speak to Yuxi, "Miss, Patrol Guard Lian told me today that Miss Duan Xinrong had been rescued."

Yuxi stood up from her stool. Her words trembled a little as she asked, "What did you say? Xinrong have been rescued? By whom."

"The yamen officials who were escorting her were all killed. Patrol Guard Lian said that the matter was very complicated. Miss had to be careful, as these people would probably be harmful to Miss."

Yuxi's right hand was resting on a white paper as she was firmly pressing down her hand on it. She didn't expect Xinrong to be saved. That was to say, this had confirmed her suspicion. Otherwise, no one would have risked their lives to save Xinrong. It was only after a long time that Yuxi asked, "What else did Patrol Guard Lian say?" [T/N]

Caidie shook her head and said, "The Imperial Court has already sent people to hunt down Miss Duan, nothing else." Her Miss had been kind for a moment, but she hadn't expected that it would lead to disaster.

Yuxi lowered her eyes. She didn't regret spending money to bribe the yamen officials at that time. It was just that she should have handled this matter properly. While Caidie didn't understand, Yuxi understood what Patrol Guard Lian was saying. If someone wanted to trace the issue, they would trace it back to Patrol Guard Lian. After all, he was the one who had made the arrangements that day. But when the time came, as long as she admitted that she was the one who had asked Patrol Guard Lian to do it, he would not face any problem.

Yuxi looked outside. It was not too late. After thinking for a while, she had to find Han Jianming for his help, "Is Dage inside the residence?"

Zisu nodded and said, "Master Shizi returned at sunset."

Yuxi nodded for a moment, then went to the front courtyard to look for Han Jianming. Although Han Jianming lived in the front yard, Yuxi's courtyard was not far from Han Jianming's.

Han Jianming was in his study, discussing with Mr Zhao. He was a little surprised to hear Yuxi had come over, "What is it?" It was not long ago did he permit her to come to his study. So this time, she must have come for something.

Yuxi told him the matter regarding Duan Xinrong. "Dage, do you know about this?"

Han Jianming nodded, "I knew about it a little over half a month ago." His news was much more well-informed than that of Lian Shan, but at that time, he felt that it was unnecessary to tell Yuxi about it.

Yuxi looked at Han Jianming with some frustration. It was too much to keep such a big thing from her. Well, she had no position to accuse Han Jianming, by the way. "Dage, I had asked for the help of Patrol Guard Lian, the husband of my former stewardess mama, to take care of bribing the yamen officials. Now that they have been killed, do you think this will implicate both Patrol Guard Lian and me?"

Han Jianming stood up, put his hands behind his back and crossed them, "Scared?"

Yuxi shook her head and stated, "I'm not afraid. I just don't want Patrol Guard Lian to be implicated because of me. I only asked for his help to bribe and nothing else. I've heard that when the yamen comes across something like this, and they can't find the culprit, they will just find a scapegoat. I'm worried that they'll make Patrol Guard Lian and me the scapegoat."

Han Jianming laughed a little, "Making you a scapegoat? Why don't you just say that those people are trying to use the State Residence as a scapegoat?" The other party had killed six yamen officials and prevented the government from tracing them, so there must be a considerable force behind them. Thus, Yuxi was not qualified to be a scapegoat.

Yuxi was a little anxious. "Will it also involve the State Residence?

Han Jianming watched as Yuxi became truly anxious and shook his head, "No, I have already taken care of it. This matter will not involve you, nor will it involve the patrol guard. However, this matter is very complicated. A month or so before the murder of the Imperial Censor Duan, a child from their residence had died of illness. The yamen went to dig up the grave after Duan Xinrong escaped, and there was no child body inside it. This child was presumed to have died by fraud, and someone has hidden him."

Yuxi knew Duan Xinrong well, so she naturally knew the news of the Duan family. "That child was the infant son of the Second Master Duan's family, who fell ill with a fever at the end of the seventh lunar month and lost his life in the early eighth lunar month. Xinrong was still very sad at that time. Perhaps, Imperial Censor Duan knew that the Duan family would suffer a disaster, so he made preparations to hide the child in advance, leaving a lineage for his family?" Other people were not good at taking deaths, but children are too young and always in poor health. In many cases, they would die young because of it. So it was not conspicuous that the Duan family's child would fall ill and die young.

Han Jianming looked at Yuxi and said, "If your guess is true, it is understandable that Imperial Censor Duan did this." The 9th Prince now had the support of the Song family and Minister Yu. As long as they got a little wind of it, it was easy to kill Imperial Censor Duan.[+]

Yuxi had mixed feelings and a hard time accepting them. Was it wrong to say what Imperial Censor Duan did was wrong? He was doing it for the greater good, for the sake of the world and the people. But was it correct to say that Imperial Censor Duan had done the right thing? Because of his actions, he had ruined the Duan family, and Xinrong was nowhere to be found.

Unaware of Yuxi's entanglement, Han Jianming added, "The truth is that you had already fallen into a certain person's eyes when you offered money for Lian Shan to bribe the yamen officials. It is also because of the certainty that you are not involved with the Duan family that you are safe and sound these days. Otherwise......" He did not continue his sentence. He believed Yuxi could understand it herself.

Yuxi shivered. Who else could this certain person be other than the 9th Prince? "Dage, I won't pry into the Duan family's affairs anymore. In the future, I will also act with caution."

After talking about Duan Xinrong, Han Jianming talked to Yuxi about Qiu Lilong. "What have you been poking around Qiu Lilong for lately? Are you planning to use him against Wu Shi?" Yuxi did not have any interest in dealing with Qiu Lilong, so Han Jianming thought Yuxi wanted to use Qiu Lilong against the Wu Shi.

Yuxi was not surprised that Han Jianming knew what she was doing. "I didn't intend to deal with Wu Shi. I am worried that this person will bring trouble to the residence. "

Han Jianming said with a wry smile, "Oh? Is that so?" He couldn't believe this statement was coming from Yuxi. It was true that Yuxi had feelings for the Main House, but she didn't have any feelings for the people in the Third House. Well, that wasn't entirely true; Yuxi and Yuchen were still on good terms.

Yuxi calmly replied without a blush on her face, "Yes. I have heard that this man has been getting very close to Eldest Young Master Wang recently. Eldest Young Master Wang is an Imperial merchant and has business all over the north and south of the country. So how could this man possibly look up to Qiu Lilong? I'm afraid that Qiu Lilong will be calculated up by him, thus affecting the State Residence."

Han Jianming smiled and stated, "Don't worry. That Eldest Young Master Wang won't harm the State Residence."

Yuxi looked puzzled, "Why?"

Han Jianming let out a laugh, "It's simple. The Wang family is under the 9th Prince." The 9th Prince and the 10th Prince had a deep brotherly love. With the 10th Prince around, Eldest Young Master Wang would not dare to do anything that would harm the State Residence.

Yuxi instantly understood, "So, Eldest Young Master Wang is so enthusiastic about Qiu Lilong because he is under the order of the 10th Prince?" After saying that, Yuxi muttered, "Killing a chicken with a slaughtering knife. Just for one Qiu Lilong, he has to trouble the Wang family. This is giving too much face for Qiu Lilong."

Han Jianming couldn't help but laugh, "This matter is not as simple as satiating your starvation for a little revenge. But I heard that Qiu Lilong wanted to give his sister to Eldest Young Master Wang as a concubine." There was so much involved in this that he couldn’t say for a moment. In addition, this matter had nothing to do with the State Residence. Hence, Han Jianming did not want to spend this time explaining it to Yuxi.

Yuxi suddenly realised, the reason Qiu Yanfu had asked Yanyu to make frequent contact with Ah Zhao in the past few days turned out to be like this. "Dage, Qiu Yanfu is living in our residence. If she went to be a concubine, at that time, will it also implicate San Jie and me?"

Han Jianming smiled, "Well if there is a person that will be implicated, it will only implicate Yurong, not you and Yuchen. The 10th Prince has a genuine interest in Yuchen and will not let her reputation be tarnished." The Qiu family has taken many wrong turns with the State Residence. If she were to become a concubine, they would simply announce that they were breaking off the relationship, so there was no need to bother stopping her. However, Yurong was Qiu Yanfu's direct biaomei. She would be significantly affected if Qiu Yanfu became a concubine.

Yuxi said with an envious look on her face, "Well, I truly envy San Jie! There is such a person to protect her." Yuchen was someone who was favoured by the heavens. She had been born well, gifted, and outstanding in appearance. Everyone doted on her, and now she was adored by the 10th Prince. Apart from the fact that her mother died early, she lived so happy that her happiness could even make others jealous.

Han Jianming didn't see any envy from Yuxi's eyes, "You will be thirteen next year. What sort of person are you planning to find?"

Yuxi answered, "Good family background, the mother-in-law is easy to get along with, hard-working, not greedy and lustful." After a pause, Yuxi added, "If I could be like San Jie, where the other party could like me, it would be great."

Han Jianming couldn't help but cough when he heard the last sentence. This girl was without any reserve and so broad-minded that most people couldn't stand it. "It's getting late. You should go back." Seeing that Yuxi was not moving, he helplessly said, "Don't worry, I will help you look around."

Yuxi didn't look shy as she responded crisply, "Thank you, Dage. Dage, if there is any news about Xinrong, you must tell me!"

Han Jianming nodded his head a little.

When it was time for Yuxi to go back, it was already very dark. Han Jianming asked the two maids in the study to carry lanterns for Yuxi and send her back to the backyard.[+]

A hand warmer
Yuxi's one had flowers gilded from silver. The size usually varies. Sometimes as small as this one, or much bigger than this one.
Image Credit | 青沉旗舰店 via Taobao
As soon as Yuxi entered Taoran House, Zisu handed her an enamel coloured hand warmer with thousands of silver gilded flower patterns, "Warm your hands, Miss!"

When one went out in this cold weather, the part of one's body that could easily get cold would be the face and hands. Even if one hid them in a thick pocket, they would still be cold, "Next time I go out, I'll take a hand warmer with me." Hand warmers were not good, but gloves could be a good idea. But when she thought of what had happened to Heshou Xianzhu, she pushed the thought down. [T/N]

Only when Yuxi walked into the study did Zisu speak up, "Miss, it has been checked out. Da Nainai is indeed pushing the wave and adding to the billows from behind the scenes."

Yuxi had taken advantage of her position as a household manager to gather a lot of people. Therefore, she was not well informed about the outside world, but as long as the news from the inner courtyard was not of a private matter, she would soon know, "What's going on with Qiu Yanfu?"

Zisu said, "If they want to calculate the Second Master, I am afraid it will be within these days."

Yuxi nodded her head and said, "I know." After saying this, she took down the thick copy of the «Comprehensive Mirror to Aid in Government» from the shelf and prepared to read the book.

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