Chapter 197 : Han Jianye's Wedding (1)

A big wedding could make a person distraught as one had to get up before dawn. But this was Han Jianye's wedding, so the feeling of distraught was for him and his bride, not for Yuxi.

Yuxi got up on time, walked to the main hall, saw the weather outside, and said, "I'm afraid it won't be sunny today." In the depths of winter, it was even hard to see the sun out.

Zisu smiled and said, "It doesn't look like it's going to be sunny, but as long as it doesn't rain, it's good." By all means, if it were going to rain, then it would be troublesome.

Yuxi looked at the genuine smile on Zisu's face, nodded a little, and went to the wing room for her morning exercise. Ever since she had experienced the benefits of it, she never fell behind in practising it anymore.

After her morning exercise, Yuxi began to freshen up. Her task today was to entertain guests. So naturally, the guests that Yuxi would be entertaining were of her own age.

After breakfast, Yuxi went to Tingyun Pavilion. Seeing Yuchen wearing a cerise coloured dress, she smiled, "This is the first time I've seen San Jie wearing a red dress!" A beauty looked good in any kind of dress, and she could wear any clothing to bring out her unique charm.

Yuchen smiled a little, "You're not bad either. Let's go. Let's go to Grandmother's place."

Of the five young misses in the State Residence, all four except Second Miss, Yujing, had come out to greet the guests.

When Zhou Shiya had her free time, she asked Yuxi, "I heard that your Wu Mei's biaojie climbed into your Er Biaoge's bed. Is this true?" It was quite a big deal at the time. Since there was no control over the news, it got out the next day. [T/N]

Yuxi nodded and replied, "Well, there is such a thing. But that person has been sent to the hamlet in the countryside."

When Zhou Shiya heard this, she whispered, "When my mother heard about this, she guarded against my two biaojie who were lodged in our residence as if they were thieves, for fear that they would hit on my Gege."

Yuxi was not very familiar with the Mao sisters and was not in any position to give a comment. "Anyway, this is already in the past. So don’t mention it again."

Zhou Shiya nodded a little, then said with a smile, "I have heard that Er Biaoge's wife is lovely and especially liked by Eldest Aunt. Have you met her?" She had heard about it from her mother and was somewhat curious about this future Er Biaoge's wife.

Yuxi smilingly answered, "I've seen her. She's gorgeous. Especially her nicely curve figure." After saying that, she whispered the words 'good for bearing children' to Zhou Shiya's ear. After she had told her that, she looked at Zhou Shiya's plump body and stared at her with deep meaning.

Zhou Shiya laughed and whacked Yuxi twice. "That's an obscene look in your eyes." She had always felt that she was a bit fat, but her mother said she was just right. She hadn't understood this before, but today she finally did. As she thought about what Yuxi had just said, she was somewhat bashful but a little bit depressed.

Yuxi asked softly, "What's wrong? You look like you have a heavy heart?"

Zhou Shiya said, "Ah, I can't explain it for now. Let's get together after the New Year and have a nice talk." Since the incident with Duan Xinrong, the three of them had never got together again. Because if they did, they would always think of Xinrong, who was nowhere to be found.

Yuxi was about to speak when she saw a beautiful girl approaching her. There was confusion in her eyes. She didn't know this girl and whose family she was from.

When the maid leading the way saw Yuxi, she curtsied and introduced, "Fourth Miss, this is Miss Ye Yin of the Ye family. She came with Madam Ye."

Yuxi took a look at this Ye Yin, who had curved willow eyebrows with watery almond eyes, standard melon face, fair and delicate skin. She was a beauty. Just by looking at this girl's appearance, Yuxi knew that the Ye family had prepared this Ye Yin to be Dage's second room.

Yuxi greeted her with a smile.

Ye Yin returned with courtesy, but she did it messily. Ye Yin herself sensed that something was wrong, and her face turned a little red.

Bowing, the way the Chinese curtsy.

Yuxi watched her mouth move but didn't hear what she said, so she asked, "What did you just say? Can you speak louder? I can't hear you." Even mosquitoes sounded louder than she was!

Ye Yin had no idea what to do with her hands and feet when she heard Yuxi's words.

Yuxi's good mood was completely gone when she saw Ye Yin acting like this. This woman was a baozi. Uh-huh, to be precise, this woman was a tool sent by the Ye family to give birth to a son.

Yuxi was not interested in entertaining Ye Yin, so she made a random excuse to leave. Halfway through the door, she turned back and saw Ye Yin whispering something to the maid. Although Ke Minjie had left, it seemed like the battle between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was inevitable. [+]

At noon, the couple performed their bowing ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride was sent into the bridal chamber. Han Jianye stood at the head of the bed, and his hand was shivering a little as he held the steelyard. However, his action made the few women present laugh.

Han Jianye lifted the red cover and looked at the bride, forgetting to blink his eyes. Lu Xiu did not look beautiful as three layers of powder covered her face. The white powder did make her face white, but the whiteness was not natural at all. But, to Han Jianye, Lu Xiu was as beautiful as a fairy ascending down from heaven.

Lu Xiu ducked her head in shame at such a fiery stare.

The xiniang also laughed and made fun of the couple. "My Goodness, the groom is looking foolishly at the bride!" As soon as these words were said, another burst of good-natured laughter filled the bridal room.

After going through the process, Han Jianye was pushed out to entertain the guests. Still, as he left, he did not forget to turn around and loudly say, "Ah Xiu, I'll be back soon."

At those words, the room erupted with another round of laughter. It was unknown who the speaker was as this person laughingly said, "The groom is really in a hurry to have a wedding night."

Lu Xiu blushed as red as an apple.

After lunch, Zhou Shiya followed her mother back. Before she left, she said to Yuxi, "As promised, come to my house after New Year. I will wait for you at home then."

Yuxi nodded and said, "Alright. I will be there that day."

After seeing off the guests, Yuxi also returned to Taoran House. She was so tired that she took off her coat and went straight to bed. Seeing Zisu walk in, she instantly asked, "Did the wedding go well?"

Zisu's face was a little ugly as she replied, "It didn't go well. The wedding candles fell over in the bridal chamber." A fallen wedding candle means bad luck.

Yuxi asked, "Did a maid knock it over?"

Zisu shook her head and retold, "No, it's the Da Nainai. I don't know how she walked that she could even hit the table. She somehow knocked down the wedding candle."

Yuxi said, "Then it was an accident. Dasao is not a fool. She couldn't have done it intentionally under the eyes of so many people."

Zisu was unsure whether this incident was an accident or not. She instead urged, "It has been a long day. Miss must have been tired, so go take a break!" For better or for worse, this incident was still considered unlucky.

Yuxi nodded her head a little and finally was able to sleep in peace for a while. Otherwise, she would have been exhausted. She didn't know how her Eldest Aunt could be so energetic.

After a good nap, Yuxi went back to the Master Courtyard. The guests were gone, but there were still many things to be dealt with afterwards. For example, the dishes and wedding decorations had to be gathered up and the matters in the kitchen. All of which needed to be disposed of.

It took another busy afternoon until it was almost dark to put all the main things in order. On the way back, Yuxi told Zisu, "Getting married is truly a pain!" There were even more people at the time of her Dage's wedding than there are now, but at that time, she was not in charge and just watching the fun. But when she took care of things related to the wedding herself, she realised that preparing for one was incredibly tiring.

Zisu said with a smile, "Getting married is a very tiring thing, even so for the groom and the bride. But the Second Master is in good health, and he doesn't look any different at all."

Yuxi smiled a little as she said, "We get to rest early today." The past few days had been exhausting for her too, and she had to rest.

Zisu suggested, "Miss should rest for these few days!" There was no need for Yuxi to do anything for the next few days anyway.

Unfortunately, when Yuxi returned to the Taoran House and climbed into bed after bathing, she kept on tossing and turning, unable to sleep. She eventually picked up a book and read it while lying down on the bed until she was so tired that she fell asleep.

The next day, the couple would have a greeting ceremony with the family, so Yuxi started to wash and dress after her morning exercises. After she had tidied herself up, she went to the front yard in her thick overcoat.

When Yuxi arrived, everyone else was already there except for the groom and the bride. However, she didn't feel embarrassed to be the last one as she bowed towards the crowd. [+]

Han Jingyan frowned and was just about to speak when he heard a coughing fit from the Old Lady. The Old Lady said, "Go see if the young couple has come yet?" Today was the day the new couple would be greeting the groom's family, and it would be embarrassing if Old Third reprimanded Yuxi in front of everyone.

As soon as the Old Lady uttered this question, a maid came in to inform, "Old Lady, Second Master and Er Nainai have arrived at the gate."

The couple walked in holding hands. Lu Xiu tried to break away, but Han Jianye simply tugged her hand and wouldn't let go. Only after they had walked into the room did they let go. At this time, Lu Xiu's face was as red as a boiled shrimp.

Holding hands, though affectionate, was somewhat undignified. Fortunately, Qiu Shi was so anxious to have a grandson, and when she looked at their show of affection, she could only be happy and not overthink it. She laughed to help the couple out of embarrassment. "That child, honestly, doesn't know how to be considerate."

The Old Lady had never seen Lu Xiu before. She only heard about her from Qiu Shi. This time, she was very pleased with Lu Xiu's figure. With Ye Shi as an example, the Old Lady's requirements for her granddaughter-in-law now were that she had to be fit and able to give birth. It was evident that Lu Xiu looked like she would be able to bear children. At that moment, she smiled and said, "Bring tea to the Second Master and Er Nainai."

Yuxi looked at Han Jianye, who kept on cracking a smile that she smiled along. This blockhead. Surprisingly, he had become a silly person after he got married.

When Yuchen saw Yuxi laugh, she asked, "What is Si Mei smiling at?"

Yuxi smilingly answered, "I'm just happy. Er Sao is gorgeous and looks very gentle. Er Ge will be blessed in the future."

Yuchen took a serious look at Lu Xiu, then nodded and complimented, "She's pretty." Her looks were superior, her figure was good, and her words and behaviour were perfect.

Yuxi smiled slightly. Lu Xiu was a beautiful woman. But with Yuchen here, no matter how beautiful Lu Xiu was, she would only be a foil.

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