Chapter 216 : Father And Daughter Quarreled (1)

The rumour in the capital was immediately made known to Yuxi.

With fire in her eyes, Yuxi looked at Han Ji and asked, "Has Dage found out who released this rumour?"

Han Ji shook his head as he replied, "Not yet. Master Shizi said it would be best to start from the hamlet." It would be very difficult to investigate from outside, but it would be quicker to start from the Red Jujube Hamlet.

Yuxi thought for a moment and said, "This matter is not easy to check openly. You can only check it secretly." It was easy to make people panic by asking them in such a big way. Moreover, Yuxi also suspected that the Lady of Taining deliberately released the news to tell her not to have any idea about Chen Ran. It was no wonder that she thought so, mainly because the Lady of Taining had secretly investigated her before. This incident made Yuxi feel that the Lady of Taining was not acting openly and honestly enough.

Han Ji nodded in agreement. "Miss' concern is right. I will secretly find out who leaked the information." This matter was easy to find out. If people from the hamlet had to buy things, they would always go to the nearby bazaar, and only a few of them would go to the capital. He should just check those who had entered the capital in the past few days, and he could find out who passed on the news. He could also find out the mastermind behind it.

Before the informer could be found, Han Jingyan came over first.

At that time, Yuxi was carrying a basket to pick vegetables in the backyard, all of which were grown by hamlet head’s own family. There were eggplants, beans, pumpkins and peppers, a very wide variety. Yuxi was not good at growing herbs, but ever since she took over this vegetable garden, she had satisfying results instead, and there were no major deaths among the planted plants.

Just after Yuxi had finished picking the vegetables, she saw Caidie walk in with an anxious face. Caidie informed Yuxi, "Miss, the Third Lord is here. His face is looking very ugly, Miss."

Handing the vegetable basket in her hand to Kufu beside her, Yuxi said, "It doesn't take time for him to come. What's the rush?" For Han Jingyan to come here, it was one hundred per cent because of the rumours outside. She didn't know what he was planning to do this time.

Yuxi had just walked into the main hall when she noticed Han Jingyan's livid face. She gave Han Jingyan an expressionless greeting and asked, "I wonder why Father has come to my hamlet?"

Han Jingyan said coldly, "Hurry up and pack your things up. I'll send you away."

Yuxi glanced at Han Jingyan and said, "Send me away? Where to? Back to the residence?" Looking at Han Jingyan's appearance, how could he possibly send her back to the residence? Nine times out of ten, he was going to throw her into a secluded place. Just like the Jiang family did in her previous life, throwing her into a remote area where she would not be able to scream. It was the kind of day she didn't want to go through again.

Han Jingyan said, "What with all this talk? Hurry up, pack your things and go." He had no more patience for Yuxi. [+]

Yuxi smiled lightly. "I've been living well in the hamlet, so I don't want to go anywhere else."

Han Jingyan didn't expect Yuxi to respond in that way. Although Yuxi did not take him seriously in the past, she was still more respectful on the surface. But now, she even dared to speak to him in such a tone. "You have to go even if you don't want to."

At this point, Yuxi no longer had the patience to pretend anymore. At that moment, she sneered. "I have already left the State Residence, and I no longer hinder your eyes. So what more do you want from me?"

When Han Jingyan heard Yuxi's words, he was furious. "Have you learned the three rules () and five constant virtues in a dog's belly? How dare you talk to me like that?"

Yuxi laughed lightly and asked, "Then how do you think I should talk to you? Beg you on my knees? Begging you not to send me to one of those nooks and crannies where there are no people? I'd beg you, but would you say yes?"

As soon as those words fell, Yuxi received a heavy slap to her face, which caused blood to come out from the corner of her mouth. This showed how hard the slap had been.

After the beating, Han Jingyan even cursed angrily at her, "You're such an evil beast!"

Yuxi didn't even wipe the blood from the corner of her mouth. She just retreated to the side of the table and sneered. "I am an evil beast, but you are even worse than a beast." A tiger, though cruel, would not devour its cubs, but Han Jingyan was even worse than a mere beast.

Han Jingyan was so angry that he wanted to strangle Yuxi to death, but fortunately, his sanity was still intact. He could kill this girl in many ways, but he could not do it himself, or else the Imperial Censor's saliva was enough to drown him. "Men, tie this evil beast up for me." As these words fell, the cadre of people brought by Han Jingyan poured in. Since the soft way wouldn't work, let's do it the hard way.

Zisu, along with Kufu and Caidie, also followed the men in. Looking at the blood on the corner of Yuxi's mouth, Zisu cried out, "Miss, what happened to you?"

Yuxi looked at the few big and burly men pouring into the room and said with a cold smile, "If any of you dare to touch me, I will not only let you die without a body, I will not spare any of your family members either." Since she had torn her face, she did not want to pretend anymore.

This side of Yuxi scared everyone silly.

Looking at the hostile Yuxi, Han Jingyan's desire to kill her aroused. If he kept this scourge, sooner or later, she would bring disaster to his family.

As Han Jingyan prepared to tie Yuxi himself, Han Ji came in. Looking at the smoke from guns filled the room, he opened his mouth, "Third Lord, I have something to say."

Han Ji was one of Han Jianming's people. This was something Han Jingyan knew very well. Even if he didn't put Han Ji in his eyes, he would still give Han Jianming a little of his face. "Keeping her here is ruining the Han family's reputation. I'm going to send her away. You tell that to Jianming."

Yuxi sneered. "I know you don't like me and hate having me as your daughter, but there is no need to throw such dirty water on me. I've done the right thing. I’m clean."

Han Ji looked at Yuxi's appearance and felt pity for her. Other parents loved and cared for their children, while the Third Lord tended to pour stool on his own daughter's head without asking any questions before accusing her of doing anything wrong. Han Ji explained, "Third Lord, Fourth Miss has always been disciplined here and has not done anything out of line. As for the recent rumours in the capital, they were malicious slanders. Miss has stayed in the courtyard and not gone out when she is in the manor. The last time Second Master Chen came over, he was thanking Miss for saving his life, and it wasn't anything personal."

Han Jingyan was stunned and asked, "What life-saving favour?" He had never cared about Yuxi, so how could he know that she had helped Chen Ran.

Han Ji spoke about the borrowed carriage for a while. "Third Lord, Second Master Chen simply came over to say thank you and left after only a few words. Speaking of which, I wonder what kind of person is so malicious as to ruin the Fourth Miss' reputation?" To come over and condemn without distinguishing red-green or black-white and immediately wanted to send someone far away, was this how a real father should act? She was treated like a personal enemy by the Third Lord.

Han Jingyan stared at Yuxi and asked, "Is this true?" [T/N]

Han Ji looked at Yuxi's face full of anger. Fearing that she would say something unpleasant again, he quickly said, "Third Lord, this is true. This little one does not dare lie to you. If you don't believe me, my Lord can go to the Marquis Tai Ning's residence for proof."

Han Jingyan said, "Whether it's true or not, you can't stay here anymore. Pack your things and leave with me." Han Jingyan had already made up his mind to send Yuxi away, far, far away. He would not want her to cause trouble again. [+]

Yuxi responded, "I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying here." As if she felt that the fire was not big enough, she added another handful and said, "If you want to take me by force, then just take my corpse away!"

Han Jingyan became angry once more. He sneered, "Did I give birth to this good daughter who dares to threaten me with her death?" If the upper beam were not right, the lower beam would be crooked. He had long known that Ning Shi could not produce anything good. Sure enough, an evil beast had been born. [T/N]

Han Ji felt his head could explode, as he did not know what exactly Yuxi was thinking. He could only toughen his scalp by saying, "Fourth Miss, you shouldn't say these angry words. The Third Lord is your father, and he is also anxious for you because of the rumours outside, right?"

Yuxi chuckled. "Anxious for me? You overthink it. He wouldn't even blink an eye even if I were to die here right now. On the contrary, I think it's good to die so that he doesn't have to worry about me tarnishing his reputation after I'm dead."

Han Ji's heart secretly cries out in anguish. The Fourth Miss is usually quite intelligent. How come she has become confused today!

Han Jingyan no longer wanted to say any more nonsense. "Someone, tie up the Fourth Miss for me."

Yuxi didn't know when she had a knife in her hand. Just like a sword, she put it on her neck. She warned, "No one should come over. If you dare to come over, I will cut my neck right away."

Zisu was scared out of her wits when she saw the chilling dagger around Yuxi's neck. "Miss, Miss, can you not do anything stupid?"

Both Kufu and Caidie also fell to their knees in fear.

Han Jingyan said with a cold face. "Oh, you want to die? If you have the guts, you can die for me now." Such a sinful daughter. It was better not to have her around anymore.

Han Ji was frightened to death. He didn't expect Yuxi to do such a thing. She was really relentless. "Fourth Miss, don't be so angry! You're still young, and your life has just begun. You can't be so thoughtless." How could the Fourth Miss become so stubborn when it came to the Third Lord?

Yuxi replied in a cold voice, "It's not that I can't think. It's that he won't give me a chance to live. Without asking any questions, he forced me to die just because of a little gossip outside. For me to have such a father, it's my fault for having sinned in my past life."

Han Ji turned his head to look at Han Jingyan and begged, "Third Lord, the Fourth Miss has a strong temperament, so she can't be forced. Third Lord, you should tell them all to withdraw! Leave this matter to this little one." Seeing that Han Jingyan was unmoved, Han Ji added, "Third Lord, if something were to happen to the Fourth Miss, not only the First Lady and Master Shizi but also the Old Lady would be devastated. She is already too old, and the physician did say that she could not withstand any simulation!"

Han Jingyan remembered the last time he had sent Yuxi out of the residence, Qiu Shi had sought him out and made a scene. If Yuxi actually died in front of him, Qiu Shi would be fighting with him at all costs. But it was impossible to make him admit defeat. Especially since this evil beast had no regard for him as her father in her words just now. If he were to give in this time, the sky would turn upside down. And he would no longer be able to suppress this evil beast.

When Han Ji looked at Han Jingyan, he saw that he was still unmoved. Han Ji felt that Han Jingyan was too cold-blooded and heartless. The Fourth Miss was truly unlucky to meet such a father. Hai, the Fourth Miss was a good person, but she was harshly treated by life!

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And here is another example of a father who blamed his child's bad character on his partner. He can't accept the fact that he is the main culprit who turns Yuxi into this.

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